Mucosit® dent

Mucosit® dent soothing gum gel protects and cares for the oral cavity and gums, soothes micro-injuries and mucosa irritations caused by dentures and braces. Alleviates and soothes mucosa irritations. The delicate formula of the Mucosit® dent gel contains soothing camomile, coltsfoot, sage, and thyme extract, shrinking oak bark extract, and regenerating calendula flower extract. These extracts have an anti-bacterial effect and support skin regeneration processes. Allantoin has a strong soothing effect – it alleviates irritation and micro-injuries of the mucosa. The correctly moisturised mucosa is a natural protective barrier preventing the penetration of pathogen bacteria. In mucosal inflammations, restoring of the normal hydration level facilitates its regeneration.


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Protect your eyes against any contact with the gel. Do not use if the skin surface is broken.


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